Satanic Devotional Practice

This is one practice that you may wish to discuss with your doctor or some type of health profession.I am no way able to give any health safety information.I am not taking any responsibilities of the use of this devotional practice.

I begin with fasting from food while drinking fasting tea.I purchase this premade tea and flavor it with honey.I would advise beginners to begin with skipping one meal and slowly working up to being able to fast longer.I usually do a three day fast.

During this three day fast,I either strike with the my riding crop or flog while reciting prayers of dedication to Satan.I will usually kneel as well.The satanic rosary is good hear as well.

You can also do self bondage techniques as well.I want my devotion to be uncomfortable to show my willingness to suffer in his name and my dedication to him.

For some,Satan is not a true entity but rather the satanic aspects of the self.I see it as being both to a degree.I am focused on self apotheosis ,so for me I am willing to accept the suffering to bring power to my self deified self.

I also love the idea of the satanic nun or priest take on it here as well.



Litanies of Satan by Charles Baudelaire (from The Flowers of Evil, 1857)

Wisest of Angels, whom your fate betrays,
And, fairest of them all, deprives of praise,

Satan have pity on my long despair!

O Prince of exiles, who have suffered wrong,
Yet, vanquished, rise from every fall more strong,

Satan have pity on my long despair!

All-knowing lord of subterranean things,
Who remedy our human sufferings,

Satan have pity on my long despair!

To lepers and lost beggars full of lice,
You teach, through love, the taste of Paradise.

Satan have pity on my long despair!

You who on Death, your old and sturdy wife,
Engendered Hope — sweet folly of this life —

Satan have pity on my long despair!

You give to the doomed man that calm, unbaffled
Gaze that rebukes the mob around the scaffold,

Satan have pity on my long despair!

You know in what closed corners of the earth
A jealous God has hidden gems of worth.

Satan have pity on my long despair!

You know the deepest arsenals, where slumber
The breeds of buried metals without number.

Satan have pity on my long despair!

You whose huge hand has hidden the abyss
From sleepwalkers that skirt the precipice,

Satan have pity on my long despair!

You who give suppleness to drunkards’ bones

When trampled down by horses on the stones,

Satan have pity on my long despair!

You who, to make his sufferings the lighter,
Taught man to mix the sulphur with the nitre,

Satan have pity on my long despair!

You fix your mask, accomplice full of guile,
On rich men’s foreheads, pitiless and vile.

Satan have pity on my long despair!

You who fill the hearts and eyes of whores

With love of trifles and the cult of sores,

Satan have pity on my long despair!

Satan have pity on my long despair!

The exile’s staff, inventor’s lamp, caresser
Of hanged men, and of plotters the confessor,

Satan have pity on my long despair!

Step-father of all those who, robbed of pardon,
God drove in anger out of Eden’s garden

Satan have pity on my long despair!


Praise to you, Satan! in the heights you lit,
And also in the deeps where now you sit,
Vanquished, in Hell, and dream in hushed defiance
O that my soul, beneath the Tree of Science
Might rest near you, while shadowing your brows,
It spreads a second Temple with its boughs.

— Roy Campbell, Poems of Baudelaire (New York: Pantheon Books, 1952)


Cain’s Mark,Cursing Of The Earth

Kitten's Claws

This is a rather unique concept and interesting topic for here.I wanted to present something unique.I have come across the concept the Earth is cursed.I have written on Cain ,the first Satanist.As we all know the story goes Cain murdered his brother.He was marked .It is unclear what the mark was exactly however he was marked.The earth drank Abel’s blood becoming cursed.The earth become sterile creating difficulty in growing food for Cain..Cain was protected from an early death as he was to be a reminder to others not to do the accept.Being marked is also interpreted as being a sign and omen.Part of the curse associated with Cain is that he would toil the Earth yet receive no yield.He went onto build cities .His biggest being the City of Enoch.He is marked as a fugitive and wandrer.He is nomadic and disunited from the family unit.Some speculate his mark was a…

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Satanism Adversarial Pathworking

When someone studies the path of Satanism,one must recognize the Satanism is the path of the adversary.What does that mean?Working with the adversarial current is about being able to question everything.Being able to question,resist and turn away from dogma and untruths in order to be able to self evolutionize.You are working with this current to rise from your state of mind to a higher consciousness .This can also apply to becoming more comfortable with your satanic aspects where one questions the dogmatic self restrained parts of the self.

Satanism opens up to one being more comfortable with the ugly,gross and hidden unloved parts of the self.One can work with this current to become more comfortable with the kinky sexual parts of ourselves.

One must be able to go against the dogma and expected society requirements to overcome some aspects of the self.Some of these can be things we enjoy or do that are not acceptable to others thus making it unacceptable for the self.

Kinks we have can be translated into places of self love and raise our selves from the state of denial and secrecy.In some vampryism,meditations focus on revolting and terrifying as well as gross habits to break those barriers down in order to grow path them.

What places,areas or habits even desires do you have that the adversary can assist with?Always be within the laws of your country and area as to not break any.However there is plenty of ways to challenge others to raise your own consciousness and ways to challenge your own life.Think about it and challenge yourself .



Satan The Slanderer

Many of the blogs I am going to be writing about are the Christian derogatory names of Satan and how he sets us free from them.Satan the Slanderer is one of the names he is referred too.Who is he slandering?He is slandering the false god .The sheep and false god must then say he is slandering them.In the slander,there is always a grain of truth or some type of connection to the lies being told.

Beneath the slander,Satan speaks the truth of what we do not want to see or know.He is willing to be the false mask of what he is versus what is he is perceived as .What is ugly or what we do not want to face or have known our secrets.Satan reveals these truths which to the naked eye are slanderous to ourselves.We want to believe things which make it easier for us to get by in daily life.The one who slanders speaks the underlying grain of truth that must be found through the lies we tell ourselves daily.

Is it slanderous to say that we are in love with our long term partner when in reality we stay for the financial benefits?Or perhaps its slandering ourselves to say we are lazy and not finding the position we so desire ?Or it is the ugly truth we do not want to face?

Satan the Slanderous shows us the lies we tell ourselves that appear as slander but beneath hold grains of truth we deny .So I ask you this-what is Satan slandering you about ?These slanderous ways of Satan do blacken,smear and defame our worldy reputations and how we appear to others however it purifies the mind of the impurities we hold within.Satan is the Grand Master of the show,he is the great teacher and the keeper of the mysteries.Allow Satan the Slanderer to slander your truths and blacken your worldly name to be as he is.


Satan The Murderer and Suicidal

This is going to be a bit different from some of my other posts however it is something I was taught by Satan.In Christianity,the false god states that to murder is a sin that brings eternal damnation.You are sent to Hell for torment and punishment .If you follow the false god and his rules ,you are given eternal life.What is eternal life?Eternal life is a slave meant to be kept naked and with out knowledge.

Satan left his creator by means of war however I see it as a form of suicide.He killed himself and become a new version of who he is much like mankind.After disobeying the false god’s rules,Eve had carnal knowledge and put clothes on.She herself commited a form of spiritual suicide.

Cain who was born a child of the false god was asked to give a sacrifice.What is a sacrifice ?It is meant to be the sacrifice of some thing truly meaningful.If I give a sacrifice of a few dollars in the collection basket at Church ,what does it mean?To me,nothing as I can live with out a few dollars.If I am to give of myself to any entity a sacrifice,what kind of sacrifice is it?A few drops of blood may not mean much to me as the pain of that blood letting is temporary.What Cain gave as his sacrifice was his living brother which was life changing and ever lasting.What greater form of sacrifice is there then the murder of something close to the heart?yet he is said to be a murderer because of what he chose to sacrifice .Is there anything greater then meaning so much to someone that they are willing to kill you to bring you honor ?

Satan as a murderer , the one who murders the unmeaningful,the useless giving  and the endless pointless meaning of  false beliefs held with in.Satan accepts the role of murderer as we must live to our true nature to be a Satanist.I do not condone murder as it is against the law so I am not advising anyone that it is acceptable in any form.We must think of murder and suicide on a spiritual level.

To kill a physical life is instinct inside all of us whether we accept it or not.What Satan murders is the belief that we are not acceptable ,that being repulsive or doing what is against the dogmatic acceptance of life is not ok.He murders the voices that say that being kinky is not okay.He murders the beliefs that hold us in chains and cages.Satan murders the thoughts that we must be as our family wishes us to be.The price we perceive for the freedom to live our lives is the chains meant to held us into a false god garden of eden lifestyle.We must choose if we are truly ready to allow Satan the murderer to murder maim and kill our Christian false hood life.If you choose to do so ,be prepared as you will become repulsive,a murderer,a rapist,a thief and many other things on the spiritual magickal life.I am by no means speaking of these things in the physical life as these are against the law.I am not advising anyone to break the law nor do I accept the actions of anyone who does.You claim all responsibilities of this material.

Satan the murderer and the suicidal is the adversary.He is the one that challenges and dares us to stand up against the false purity of dogma.Purify yourself of dogma,set yourself free.


The Satanic Current

Satanism comes in many variations with many different views.Reverse Christianity is a form of Satanism as is Levayan Satanism and transcendental Satanism just to name a few.Luciferianism is said to be a sect of Satanism.I do see as a sect of Satanism however this is there is much debate on whether it is a true version of Satanism.Is there a true version of Satanism though?

I personally do not see a true version of Satanism.I see a chaos version of Satanism.To me,satanism is much like the way I cast witchcraft.There are many methods to cast a spell for a reason.For me,versions of Satanism also apply to different situations and people.

I consider Satanism to be more of energy current .One that anyone can move in various directions within.There are many forms and names of Satan through out history.This to me tells me that Satan is able to be worked with in so many ways and forms.We as modern occultists and Satanists are falling into the trap of it must fit into our little dogmatic box of Satanism rather then being able to recognize Satan and his many name,attributes and forms we may be selling our selves short.Each of us must be able to find Satan in our own way and be able to relate to Him in our own way.

Perhaps He is a true entity to be worshipped and adored to some while others may see Satan as parts of the self or even a concept.Satanism may be a concept no matter how he is seen.Satan is the Great Mystery ,the Great Work for those of us who seek him truly in whatever version he appears or we find him.However for those who walk the path of true dedication to the occult and Satan,it is path of power.I do not feel there is a true version of Satanism and occultism rather layers.Layers where a beginner is and layers where the adapt are.

Satan is equate with many concepts and names however look at what these roles provide.Below is a list of many traits assigned to Him.What is in the power of those things?A deceiver can appear to be deceiving however on a deeper level ,you are meeting the truth of what you as a person are deceiving yourself about.Spend time meditating on these things and how it relates to you.your beliefs and lifestyle.

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